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Male Massage in Palm Springs

Male Massage in Palm Springs

My business in Palm Springs is just the opposite of what my clientele was in Kansas City.  I love how it’s 90% ofjeffportrait.jpg male massage now.  Don’t get me wrong I had a great salon business in KC, but now it is male massage in Palm Springs.  I love making people feel better through massage.

Sometimes it is all about relaxing and unwinding, and then other times is more therapeutic and dealing with an issue.  Either way it is great to have a gift that helps people at whatever level.  I would say 80% of my  business is male massage and the rest is hair and facials.  I love doing massage so I like the percentages as they are.

Having a private studio has it’s advantages for sure.  I work on-call at La Dolce Vita Resort and Spa and one thing I hate is everything is always moving around whether it’s table height, or oil bottles, sheets, etc.  At my studio, my guys walk into a calm and serene atmosphere.   Soft music is usually greeting them along with a soothing scent of tranquility.

After a little check in on your body, it’s time to get on my table and relax for 60 minutes or go for my favorite, the 90 minute session.  Let your body melt into my table as all the stress starts to leave your body and you start to float away. Let you mind go into a blissful state.

I only use the best natural oils, lotions, and gels.  So I have every type of product for every body type and whatever my client desires.  For those who desire I can also do a combo facial/massage.  That tends to be very popular in the desert since it is so dry here.

Escape the heat and enjoy a massage and or facial session today.  I look forward to it!


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