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Male Waxing in Palm Springs

Male Waxing in Palm Springs

Feeling furry?

Looking for a private professional studio to get rid of all that man hair?  Sometimes men don’t want to go to a “salon” to get waxed.  Happy to say Unwind Body Spa offers a private setting for men to come and get smooth.

Whether you want a smooth chest, back, and other areas, I have done this type of work for over 30 years.  Come relax in a one on one space and be comfortable.  I use a wax that has zinc oxide in it so it is great on male skin.  With my experience I hear things from my clients like “that didn’t hurt like the last person”, “wow, that was so different then the other time I had it done”, “that wasn’t bad at all”, etc…..you get the message.

I end each session with a soothing aloe gel.  Being massaged in to sooth the skin and calm the pores after the waxing.  Then a layer of lotion is applied to calm the skin and relax you so the experience end pleasantly.  Being a massage therapist also helps as I calm your mind and body at the end of each session.

I look forward to seeing you for your next service.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave me a message.



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