Unwind Body Spa


Reduce Your Stress with a Combination of Swedish, Esalen, Acupressure, Sports Massage, Aromatherapy Modalities.


Lay back and relax for this all over body workout with warm oil and peaceful music

60 minutes – $85

A wonderful way to destress and relax while allowing extra attention to the areas that need more work90 minutes – $110
Take The Deluxe and add warm Paraffin treatments to the hands and feet120 minutes – $125
This wonderful treatment starts with a herbal foot soak, followed by a scrub to remove the dead skin.  A rich lotion is applied to your feet and then they are placed in warm paraffin boots.  While your feet are soaking up all the nutrients, you will receive a luxurious head, neck and shoulder massage to complete the session.60 minutes – $85
This treatment is a method of applying pressure, stretching and massaging the feet.  This is known to break up corresponding stress in other areas of the body. A luxurious lotion is used for a relaxing foot massage to complete your session.60 minutes – $85
Gift certificates are available, just give me a call!